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What do we use?

PURE WATER WORKS! Its really quite interesting.....


We produce all our own pure water using reverse osmosis which is filtered on our vans each day.

Pure water WILL not leave streaks or dirty "dots" on your glass.


Water has no colour, no smell, no taste. When it’s raining, it’s condensed water that’s falling from the clouds. But how come after the rain stops and your windows have dried out you are left with white spots all over the glass? The dust and exhaust fumes from street traffic, the pollen from the trees and all other end up smeared on your windows.


In the past, in order to get your windows cleaned, you’d use soapy water to properly wash your windows.

But now there is an elegant solution to your spotty windows problem and it is ultra-pure water.


Pure water is plain H2O. No other elements like salts and dissolved solids are present. But how do you know the water has no hard particles and how do you measure its purity?


We test it!......

We use a TDS meter, which stands for “total dissolved solids” is the measuring unit for water purity. The more minerals and solid particles in the water, the higher the TDS number. This number starts from zero and represents how many foreign parts per million (ppm) the water contains. We only use water with a maximum reading of 0.05 any higher and its time for a filter change!



So how do we do it?........


  1. We take tap water and store it in a dedicated container inside our vans.
  2. First, he tap water is passed through various types of purifying systems.
  3. All solid particles are filtered from the water with reverse osmosis and deionisation.
  4. We test using a TDS meter
  5. The result is pure water ready for cleaning your windows, sills, fascias and whatever’s necessary.
  6. The pure water runs through a telescopic fed pole, goes out the brush, and onto the window surface.
  7. The accumulated dirt is agitated and gets out of the window surface.
  8. A finishing rinse of the window leaves it sparkling, without any visible marks or stains. There’s no need to blot or wipe the window as all that’s left on the glass is H2O molecules that will evaporate.

The advantages of pure water window cleaning

At the end, let’s summarize the benefits you’ll get from pure water window cleaning:

  • Safe for your health – no harsh chemicals are used during the process;
  • Safe for your property – without the use of any detergents the frames and sills of the windows won’t get damaged or worn out;
  • Environmentally friendly – there’s no harmful effect on your garden, plants and trees.
  • Spotless results – the cleaning process doesn’t leave any marks or streaks so you can enjoy your bright and shiny window glass.
  • Cost effective – it will take longer for dust to accumulate and so your windows will stay clean for longer, too.


Other Products....


In addition to our fantastic clever water soemtimes those stains wont budge and as our brushes don't have harsh bristles they just won't shift that greying on your sills. So we will then add a little uPVC cleaner and some good old fashioned elbow grease! We're so proud of our work we really do try our best.

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